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The Story of "Light"

A few years ago I decided to work with aluminum wire. I didn't have any idea as to what I was going to design, I was just curious about working with this particular material.

As I worked on wrapping the wire and creating different designs, one piece in particular evolved. When I saw what it represented to me I knew that it was special. With that thought in mind I decided it would be the perfect piece for fundraising. Unsure of who to approach at that particular time, I left it to sit on my table for a year.

The more that I looked at this piece, the more special it became. You see, I couldn't duplicate the design no matter how I tried. Each piece was different from than the last. The more I made, the more unique they became. 

To me, they represent people—individuals, like each one of us—unique. Although people may come from similar backgrounds, no two are one hundred percent alike. Adding the crystal was my "ah-ha" moment. Each of us has a light within; a light unique to who we are, that shines brightly. It is not something we should shy away from, or diminish, it is a spark that can bring out the light in others. Be it our smile, our kindness, the gentle touch of a hand or the warmth of a hug, it is there the day we are born and remains until our last breath.

I now have a wonderful opportunity partnering with the Chance Foundation. Together, when you purchase a "Light of Mine" pendant we share in bringing about a better world for children.

$5 is donated from every sale to help children around the world have a better life and the opportunity to be a kid. 

May this pendant bring out the light within you!